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(BE) Church :: One Friend Away

Since starting my new job almost two months ago, I've been unable to attend Sunday worship with my church. Which surprisingly has been a GREAT thing. For this sometimes "Check-box Christian", Sundays have been given in my life, and God is breaking down that box of what his Church and Community should look like - and too often I've stuffed it into Sunday services and church programs.

However, I fully believe that listening to scripture and sermons is SOOO valuable - so I've been attending {ChurchOnline} through {LifeChurch} based in my childhood hometown: Oklahoma City.

We're currently walking through a series called
"Friending: Show me your friends,
and I'll show you your future.
Sophomore Year Friends
Last night Pastor Craig shared about three types of friends we should have in our lives based off the life of David in 1 Samuel

1) Samuel: a friend who makes you better (16:12-13)
2) Jonathan: a friend who helps you find spiritual strength (23:15-16)
3) Nathan: a friend who will tell us the truth (2 Sam 12:7)

Senior Year of High School - me and this lady are still friends despite different colleges and living 1,000 miles (literally) away from each other. 16 years strong friend!
Which brings a lot of reflection on my life

  • Who has been that in my life and how can I thank them for the positive impact they've played on my life?
  • Who is becoming that as I make roots here in Chicago?
I've decided (and I'm telling this crazy blog world to hold myself accountable), that:
A) I'm gonna write good old fashioned snail mail notes to those who have played these roles in previous seasons
B) I'm gonna pray about who here in Chicago is walking daily life with me and currently playing one of these roles in my life.
Me and my college Roomie during our Sophomore year.

Do you have a Samuel? Jonathan? Nathan?
How did you make friends with these people?

How can you show them you appreciate the role they play in your life?

The 9 lovely ladies who made me who I am today thanks to their friendship in college and since.


Coming Your Way

Earlier this week I received a surprise...

A sweet thank you note from {Amy} one of the hosts of the first ever {Etsy Swaps}
What a sweet idea to thank all the participants.

And guess what I sent off today... 
My secret gifts to my Etsy Swap participant.